How to Setup Email Account on iPhone 12 – Free and Corporate Email

setup email account on iphone 12

If you have the new Apple iPhone, for sure you want to know all single things about the technology and features there. You want these features to work properly to complete your lifestyle. You can use some commonly used features such as Email, iCloud, Calendar, and Visual Voicemail. Today, we will guide you to setup email account on iPhone 12. Complete guide to setup email … Read more

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How to Use iPhone 12 as a Webcam Simply and Easily

use iphone 12 as a webcam

One of the common problems that dekstop computer owners they don’t have webcam installed on the computers because you have to buy it separately. There are many ways to overcome this, one of which is to use your iPhone as a webcam. In this article will cover a simple ways how to use your iPhone 12 as a webcam for your computer, and of course … Read more

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How to Fix When Apple Watch Not Pairing with Your iPhone 12

apple watch not pairing

One of the common problems that Apple users face is the difficulty of connecting the Apple Watch to the iPhone, which makes them miss many of the wonderful privileges, and if your Apple smart watch does not connect to your iPhone 12, here are some easy solutions that you can try to fix the Apple Watch pairing problem on the iPhone.  Steps to fix Apple … Read more

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How to Reset iPhone 12 and Go Back to The Factory Settings

reset iphone 12

When you found your phone is starting slowly to open the app, you must feel frustrated. Then, most of you will think to get the grab the new phone. However, you do not need to buy a new iPhone. You just need to reset your iPhone device. Then, you must know how to reset iPhone 12 back to factory settings so you can get your … Read more

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