How to Use iPhone 12 as a Webcam Simply and Easily

use iphone 12 as a webcam

One of the common problems that dekstop computer owners they don’t have webcam installed on the computers because you have to buy it separately. There are many ways to overcome this, one of which is to use your iPhone as a webcam. In this article will cover a simple ways how to use your iPhone 12 as a webcam for your computer, and of course … Read more

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How to Factory Reset iPhone Without Loosing your Data

factory reset iphone

Factory reset iPhone is an important thing for you that want to clear all the data on your iPhone. One of the reasons may be because you want to sell it or to give it to another people. It will protect your data and also account for hacking. If you forget to reset the phone, another people will hack your account easily. Beside the above … Read more

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8 Ways to Fix an iPhone 12 That Can’t Connect to WiFi

iphone 12 can't connect to wifi

Having an iPhone and connecting it to a Wi-Fi network can save your monthly cellular data limit. And that’s what makes it so frustrating when your iPhone 12 can’t connect to WiFi. This article guides you to connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi to be able to connect to the high-speed internet connection, depending on how fast the wifi network you are using.   Fix an … Read more

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How to Backup iPhone 12 to iCloud Correctly Just in Case

backup iphone 12

to Before knowing the way of how to backup iPhone 12, especially with iCloud, it is better for you to know first what backup is. You should do that to understand the way of backing up iPhone clearer. Backing up means making data copied from your device. This is intended to replace data if your device is damaged, or even lost. So you have to … Read more

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